Capture - "to record or take a picture"

G'day, My name is Kerri, I am a Junk Journaler, Memory Keeper, Paper Crafter and General Mess Maker! I hope you enjoy my blog x

Sunday, 10 January 2021

"First 2021 Project"

 Happy New Year Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely start to 2021, even though we are still living in our weird Covid 19 normal world. We need to keep doing the right thing, by distancing and wearing our masks and we will stay safe.

I have a few new projects in mind for this year and some serious memory keeping to do...I started with a little trip to a couple of our local thrift shops to see what I could find in the way of books to make journals and a few bits and pieces to put in them...

I found some paper, a little golden book, envelopes, graph paper, a lovely stationery set and an old book which I grabbed pretty quick!!! 

 The book was an old photo album with frames in it and I decided to gut it and remove the spine, as it was pretty wrecked. 

The thing that caught my eye was the metal clasp on it. It was decorative plus useful.

I wasn't sure what to do with it as far as making a new spine. I thought quite a bit about it and decided on a cardboard spine to see how it would hold up. I just used some old box, cut it down to size and used double-sided tape with white glue. I did two layers as it was a deep edged book.

The cardboard glued down pretty well, but as I want to use it as an art journal and it would be handled a bit, it needed a bit more strength.   I decided to cover the spine with some burlap which still made it look aged. It came up really good and am happy with it. I made sure I used a good amount of glue and I sat some heavy books on it until it dried.  

Before I added the spine covering I used my homemade mod podge and gave it two coats over the covers to seal them. This protects them and helps keep their look.  

For the inside of the covers, I pulled back some of the cardboard along the spine, as it was too bulky. I then used a piece of my coffee dyed paper over it to blend it in. for both of the sides.

I wanted them to look a bit arty for the theme of the journal, so I used some mixed media paper and sprayed it with some ink.  I used my double-sided tape and glue to adhere it down to the inside of the covers. 

 While it was drying, I measured the covers, for the size of the pages I would need. I had a mixed media paper pad in my stash and I used it.  My pages are roughly 6x8. I didn't bother cutting them with my trimmer, I just eyeballed them and tore with my ruler, or freehand.

I  decided to not bind the pages in like I normally do,  instead I found this   Fun, Quick and Easy Art Journal video by Tracie Fox, with her fun way of adding pages, with hinges. 

I tore up some pieces of paper just out of my scraps. I adhered them to both sides of the pages, to make a hinge, then the pages can be folded into an accordion-type book. 

I made about 40 pages and you can see I have stuck them down in the journal.  I used the last page and adhered it to the back cover. 

I added my pages to my book a little bit different to Tracie, as I had already finished the inside of mine.  I can fold it out either way and be able to open it flat to create in!

  You can see there is plenty of pages and room to create in my art journal, and for it to expand. 

I am really happy that I didn't alter the book too much. I think the grungy look of the cover, with the metal clasp and the burlap spine, has added to it's character.....I am going to make another journal similar to this into a glue book, which will be fun to play in also.
Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at my blog. Stay tuned as there will be lots more creating happening here.
Hugz K x


Wednesday, 30 December 2020

"Finishing Off 2020"

 Hi, my lovely Friends and Followers,

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and sending you all best wishes for a wonderful 2021......

It has been a very mixed up year, but we have made it and things are looking up here for 2021. We have Covid under control where I live in Victoria, Australia and as long as we all keep going we will stay that way. Work has not stopped for us here and I haven't had as much creative time as I had hoped I would, but it has been fun.  

I have just finished a project that I wanted to get done before the end of the year and I had a lot of fun making it, so I thought I would share it with you.

I found a YouTube tutorial for making an Altered Book Rolodex for storage of lots of different things..... I, of course, could see many uses for it in my crafty world and I decided to have a go and make one to store my lovely ATC cards that I will be making and swapping in 2021. I am also going to make another one to store my ephemera in and put in on my desk, so I will use it.....

There are lots of Tutorials on YouTube and after I watched a few and I made mine to how I wanted it. 

I didn't have a book still in its cover, so I found the inside of an old dictionary and folded all the pages into the centre using two at a time. You do this for the whole book, the more pages the better. Mine had 750. This creates openings all through the book.

Once you have finished the folding this is what you end up with.  

I swiped some Distress Oxide inks over the tops of the pages to lift it a bit, but you can leave the pages the way they are also. As the ink takes a little while to dry I got out my paper clips and decorated them with trims to embellish the book.

I just cut pieces and tied them onto the clips.

I then clipped the pages to hold things in. I did this as decoration also, as it covered the top and bottom where the pages met at the spine. 

Finally, after putting trims on a gazillion paper clips and adding them to the pages I adhered the book itself onto the cover of another book that it would fit on to. I just Gessoed it and covered with some pretty blue napkin. 

My finished Altered Book is going to look awesome with some lovely Artist Trading Cards, that I will be making and swapping in the FB group I am in. Very talented ladies and they are lovely little works of art to collect!!!

Thank you all for popping in and leaving me some lovely comments and I hope you will enjoy whatever 2021 brings to me in my crafty world.....

Love and Hugz . Please stay safe and take care and I will see you next year!
Kerri  xx

Saturday, 19 December 2020

"One Little Word - 2021"


"A Single Word Can Be A Powerful Thing"
Hi There,

As 2020 is nearly over, I have started reflecting on this mad year we have lived through and thinking about what 2021 might bring.........

For the past 6 years, I have chosen a word for myself in December to start using in January....... I don't do Resolutions as I think they are a waste of time and by about February I've gone off track and lost interest......I am not a list maker and so I just focus on ONE WORD, which I can stick to all year...... 

You will be amazed by how this will change your life, by impacting your mental and emotional well being. Your word will stick and it is meant for you. When you find it live it, share it, and your life will become more rewarding and exciting. 

ONE  LITTLE WORD - a word to focus on, to live with, to investigate, to write about, to craft with, and to reflect upon as I go about my daily life. These words have each become a part of my life in one way or another- Ali Edwards

You can check out ALI EDWARDS  here and what she is planning for her 2021 class..... I joined in with her the first time and I am thinking about doing it again as she puts together a great year long class and really gets you involved.

You can choose any word you like, it will have meaning or purpose to you...... There is no right or wrong word.......

  • Focus, Grow, Organize, Simplify, Bloom
  • Brave, Inspire, Thrive, Gratitude, Consistency
  • Balance, Be, Worth,  Elevate, Today, Less
  • Mindful, Considerate, Calm, Positivity
  • Respect, Appreciate, Enlighten, Intentional
  • Flow, Family, Slow, Possibility, Persevere
  • Love, More, Reflect, Light, Heart, Now
  • Passion, Joy, Unlimited, Kindness, Play
  • Thoughtful, Deliberate, Trust, Conscious
  • Increase, Breathe, Commit, Seek, Pause
  • Forward, Change, Listen, Free, Build
  • Flourish, Move, Renew, Progress
  • Explore, Finish, Hope, Fearless, Happy
  • Spirit, Glorious, Grace, Truth, Belong
  • Strive, Always, Compassion, Energy
  • Sacred, Persist, Bridge, Determination
  • Enough, Improve, Strength, Encourage
  • Wake, Present, Beauty, Enthusiasm
  • Connect, Alignment, Priority, Create
  • New, Faith, Believe, Transform, Integrity
  • Gentle, Expansion, Grounded, Harmony
  • Action, Ambition, Purpose, Hero
  • Dream, Magic, Shine, Peace
  • Try, Teach, Compromise, Imagine
  • Learn, Wonder, Embrace, Courage, Humble
  • Wish, Work, Smile, Meditate, Lead Celebrate
  • Relax, Pray, Sparkle, Represent, Whole, Journey
  • Prosper, Contribute, Discipline, Laugh, Here
  • Shift, Delight, Patience, Cultivate, Stillness
  • Serenity, Vision, Wisdom, Vulnerability
  • Adventure, Example, Comfort, Give, Rise
  • Perspective, Glow, Forgive, Observe, Soul

I have been pondering over the last month what I will choose and I think I have decided on CAPTURE. I want to get back to what I love doing and that is taking photos and memory keeping. stories for my boys....... II like to have my word visible to me, so I either have something with the word on it; like a charm or my word on the wall in my craft space.  

My other words I have used are  FRUGAL< SIMPLIFY< CREATE<FOCUS<BREATHE. When I used these words they had special meaning to what was happening in my life and what I wanted to achieve going forward. 

CAPTURE - 1. "To record accurately in words of pictures" 

2. "The action of capturing or being captured"

After the year we have been through, in 2020, I want to start again and grab hold of everything in 2021........I want to Remember........ Life, Moments, Memories, Details, Happiness, Smiles, Love, Laughter, Daily Life, Routine, The Little Things and be Happy.

I want to not only Capture those things (and more I'm sure) but CAPTURE Pictures and Stories of them too!!

Since we lost Mum and Dad in 2017 I haven't had the mojo to photograph and scrapbook, like I used to. Our family isn't the same and also with our kids grown up everything has changed.

I am the Memory Keeper in our family and I want to continue to record our stories for my boys and one day their kids......

You can document your OLW Journey however you want. A few ideas are an album, Travellers notebook, a journal, notebook, spiral-bound book, junk journal. ring bound album, whatever you want to use........ For a couple of years, I used a 6x8 album and I have also made my own chipboard ring album. 

As I am not creating in albums anymore but enjoying my Memory Journaling, I am going to create a special Journal for my ONE LITTLE WORD Journey 2021.

I would love you to join me on my OLW Journey in 2021~

Take Care
Hugz Kerri xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

 "Putting The 'Junk' Into Your Junk Journals"


 Hope your week is going well. 

Our Summer here has turned back to Winter, so a bit of craft time indoors for me!

I love making journals, from cereal and biscuit boxes, plus old book covers and using the cardboard. I am not big on putting 'junk mail' etc in them. I like using different papers, my scrapbook stash, envelopes, vintage book pages and music sheet, speciality papers like vellum etc. Sometimes if I find something a bit different that has been stuck in my mailbox I will ponder on it, but it usually goes into the recycle bin if it doesn't grab me pretty quick and get the mojo happening!!

The other day I received a rewards card in this cute little fold-out flippy thing. I instantly liked it and knew exactly what I could use it for. 

I am working in my Xmas Journal and I am putting photos in it, so this is what I came up with!!  I covered all the flaps, back and front with Xmas pattern papers and inked all the edges.

I added a couple of photos, some journaling, an ATC (Artist Trading Card) and a bit of embellishing.

I folded it up and kept it together with some bakers twine and another Xmas themed ATC.  I adhered it to one of the pages in my journal. I can also use this as a template to make some more of these cute photo/journal flips.....

I hope you may have found some inspiration from something you have come across and made it part of your journal. 

I will show you a few more pages in my journal soon as I did a couple more today and I am really enjoying making it into a Xmas family memory journal for my boys!!

Have a great night!

Hugz Kerri x

Monday, 7 December 2020

 "Cereal Box Junk Journal Part 5" - Embellishing"

Hi there, 
We have come to the last but not the least part of our Junk Journal. This is the fun part (its all fun!) where you add your flair and creativity to it. I am going to show you a few things you can add, then let you loose to do your own thing and make it your own!!!

 POCKETS - One of the easiest ways I add more interest to my junk journal as well as plenty of extra storage and space, is to incorporate pockets into my journals. 
 I make some with two pages similar in size and add wet glue down three sides so there is either an opening at the top of the side. I like to add tags or journaling cards to use later on when I am working in my journal. That way I don't have to hunt for things. To make it easier to take things out of them, I like to make a notch using a round punch.

FLIPS OR FLAPS - These are easy to make with some envelopes or with paper and washi tape. You could also sew or use staples to adhere a piece of paper to one side or the top or bottom to make a flap. 

You can see here that I have used an old greeting card. They are fun for hidden journaling or something you want to keep a bit more private in your journal. They also add interest and texture.

TUCK SPOTS - I like adding these to corners to tuck in small things like journaling, photos or anything you like. You can add a card or pattern paper. Just adhere it on one side and then your item will stay tucked underneath.

These ideas are just a few to get you started. I follow a few ladies over on YouTube and there are so many to watch~~

A couple of my faves are Nik The Booksmith - Nik the Booksmith - YouTube
 Ephemera's Vintage Garden -  Ephemera's Vintage Garden - YouTube 
The Paper Outpost - The Paper Outpost - YouTube
and two Aussie ladies,  Roxy Creations - Roxy Creations - YouTube
 and Sue over @ Paper Inspirations - Paper Inspirations - YouTube

They create amazing work and I am sure you will find some faves to follow too.

I created the first pages in it today. It was fun using a few pics from when my boys were little. 

I used one of the book pages and then cut out some images from another book. All the goodies are from my stash.

Above, I used a piece of fabric and added a lace tab. Underneath is a quote. Another way to add extra space to your journal. I plan on adding a title on the front cover and a little bit of embellishing. I will show you once I get it done!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial and have fun making and playing in your journal. I will share some more pages with you as I get them done.
I hope you might pop back and see some of the other projects I have in the works :)

Happy Crafting
Hugz, Kerri :)


Sunday, 6 December 2020

 "Cereal Box Junk Journal Part 4 -"Binding"

Hi Friends,

It is Sunday here in Australia and I am going to show you how to put your Junk Journal cover and signatures together.

There are a few ways to do this, but my favourite way for a couple of reasons is the "No Sew Method" that I found on YouTube, by Ephemera's Vintage Garden.

I have used this binding quite a few times and tweaked it to how I wanted it. I have used twine, seam binding ribbon etc. I like this method of binding in my journals as it gives me the freedom, of being able to move my pages around and also, to take them out to work on, instead of being confined to the book. You could also staple or sew the whole signature together and still be able to remove it to make it easier. 

I eyeballed where I wanted the holes to go and used my hole punch to make them. Feel free to measure it if that is what you want to do. 

I then used my punch to set the eyelets. This tool is called a Crop-o-dile. It is one of the best tools I have invested in over the years.

As you can see it is neat and tidy also, but the twine/ribbon etc around the spine gives your book a great look and character.

This time, I decided I wanted to use eyelets for strength on the spine and not wrap anything around it. I used some elastic, which is nice and flexible to take the pages in and out as I want.

 I just threaded it through at the top on the outside and down the spine on the inside. There is room for 4 signatures in my journal if I decide to add another one.

As you can see your pages will open nice and flat if you don't want to take them out at all. They will fold as you go through the book.

I did my closure also with eyelets. I decided I wanted some of my coffee dyed lace to hold it closed. You choose your closure and what you would like to use.

There is plenty of room for expansion, to add all your embellishing. I will be back shortly to show you some ideas.

Enjoy your creating and see you soon

Hugz Kerri x 


Friday, 4 December 2020

"Cereal Box Junk Journal Part 3" - "Making the Signatures"

Hello again, are you ready for the next part of creating your Journal?
We have gathered our supplies, made the cover now its time for the pages/signatures. These are groups of pages put together and bound into your book. 

Above is my box of Xmas Junk goodies that I put together to use in my journal.

I went through my box of Xmas JJ goodies and found papers I thought were good for my Xmas Journal. You can mix it up and use what you like in your Journal. I used coffee dyed paper, book pages, old Xmas cards and envelopes, scrapbook paper, paper bags, music paper etc.

If you have smaller papers than your journal size, you can easily tape them together with washi or sticky tape and use them. These were 6x6 size scrapbook papers. You could also sew them if you wanted to.

I taped a few of mine together for some interest in my journal. You can use writing paper also.

I had a gift bag, that I trimmed down a bit and adhered it on three sides to create a pocket inside the front cover. 

As you can see above, I sorted my papers into 3 signatures and roughly 12 pages each. I just put them together, the way they looked nice.

I stacked them neatly together then sideways to check they weren't over the height or width of my book. The first page you see there was just from a Xmas book and I put the end page at the back also. I trimmed the larger pages to 9.5 inches so they would fit with the binding I will show you in the next part.

I like to put them into the journal to check how much they will fill it up. Remember, you will be adding to the bulk of your journal when you play in it. I put approx 60 pages in mine with the 3 signatures, which I thought would be plenty. 

I hope you are enjoying making your own journal to create in. We are going well and the next post will be to show you how I bind the pages into it. They don't take too long to make and are so much fun!

Hugz Kerri x


"First 2021 Project"

 Happy New Year Everyone, I hope you all had a lovely start to 2021, even though we are still living in our weird Covid 19 normal world. We ...